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Store type:

Metal tanks


Store category:


Means of quality preservation:

Can be sealed to allow phosphine fumigation

Construction and manufacture:

Constructed from corrugated metal sheet by water tank manufactures

Extent of adoption:

Strong adoption In Swaziland, less so elsewhere


Typical ranges: Min   Max Units
 Storage period*: 3 - 12 months
 Store capacity: 200 - 2000 kg
 Store life span: 15 - 20 years
 Initial outlay on storage capacity:    
   Cost for 200kg: 100     US$
   Cost for 1 tonne: 178 - 500 US$
 Cost per tonne per
 year of store life:
10 - 29** US$


* Storage periods for well dried cereals and pulses (≤ 14% moisture content)

** Not including pest control for storage periods exceeding 3 months