Widely used and relatively cheap sacks but also includes sacks that have an insecticide treatment within their fabric. There are 3 common types of open weave sacks:

Jute sacks:

5 Jute bagICON

Hard waring sacks made of jute fibre, more expensive than polypropylene to buy but longer lasting.


Polypropylene sacks:

5 PP bagICON

Made from woven polypropylene strands. Relatively cheap and may be coated so that they have a non-slip surface, so taller stacks can be built.  The polypropylene may include a UV stabiliser, this promotes a long life. 

Insecticide treated polypropylene sacks:

6 ZeroFly vfICON

An open weave polypropylene sack, with non-slip surface and UV stabilisation, that includes an insecticide treatment within the weave. This treatment kills insects that make contact with the sack surface.