Tanzanian kihenge

An improved woven basket granary (kihenge) is used in Tanzania. It is constructed of bamboo or other sticks and then sealed by pastering with a mixture of mud, cow dung, and ash. There may be an outlet port at the bottom. It should be in kept in the house or under a screen to shelter it from the elements and raised on legs with rat guards to protect it from rodent attack. Pest control is by insecticide admixture. They range in capacity from 1t to 5t.

Pest Control Status: Initial disinfestation required before storage
Storage Period: 0-6 months
Capacity: 1t - 5t
Lifespan: 3 year - 3 year
Initial cost: US$ 28 - 31
Cost per tonne per year: US$ 4 - 5

Commodities stored:

CEREALS - maize, sorghum, rice, and millet,

PULSES - beans, cowpeas and pigeon peas (Tanzania)

Materials used:

Traditional improved is made from bamboo sticks or a certain type of tree sticks. After making a skeleton structure are then plastered with mud mixed with cow dung and ash. They differ in size. The improvement are:-

  1. Raised platform from the floor,
  2. Addition of rat guiding materials,
  3. Cover on top after grain filling,
  4. Proper cleaning and treating with pesticide,
  5. Addition of a roof to protect from direct sunlight and rainfall

Locations made: Local trained artisans

Life span: The improved traditional structure can be used up to 10 years depending on good.

Marketing and promotions: Promotional activities for improved traditional kihenge woven baskets involved demonstration stores.

Success and nature of marketing: No comment yet

Training as part of the campaign: No comment yet

Degree of adoption: No comment yet

Reason for adoption: No comment yet

Weaknesses of this store: No comment yet

Barriers to adoption: No comment yet

Overcoming barriers: No comment yet

Use by institutions: No

After uses: No comment yet

What to like: No comment yet

What to dislike: By storing in the improved traditional structures there will be an additional cost when there is packing into the bags for marketing.


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