GrainPro Grainsafe II and III

Grainsafes/cocoons are made of tough gas-proof plastic sheeting and are closed using a gas-tight zip. Once filled and closed they are hermetic so that when filled with grain a modified atmosphere is created after some weeks that will kill insect pests. They are available in capacities ranging from 1 to 300 tonnes and can be purchased with a shelter to screen them from direct sunshine.

Pest Control Status: Pest control is native
Storage Period: 3-24 months
Capacity: 1t - 1.6t
Lifespan: 10 year - 15 year
Initial cost: US$ 260 - 389
Cost per tonne per year: US$ 17.33 - 38.9

Commodities stored:

Any cereals or pulses

Materials used: UV resistant PVC sheeting and a patented gas-tight zip. Also comes with a metal frame to hold it up.
Locations made: GrainPro, The Philippines

Life span: 10-15+ years. Rats can chew through it if not positioned properly or during storage of the empty container.

Marketing and promotions: Reported to have not yet been actively marketed.

Success and nature of marketing: No comment yet

Training as part of the campaign: No comment yet

Degree of adoption: Kenya: not at all

Reason for adoption: No comment yet

Weaknesses of this store: It is hard work to set up and you have to understand the fairly poorly written instructions. Once set up it works very well

Barriers to adoption:
  1. High price
  2. Effort to set up
  3. Lack of solid marketing campaign

Overcoming barriers: No comment yet

Use by institutions: NGOs have bought and given to farmers

After uses: Roofing, tarps

What to like: No comment yet

What to dislike: Setting up


Contact Data:

Located in: Cocoons
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