This is the catalogue for storage structures and technologies available to small scale farmers in Africa.

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Insecticide-treated polypropylene sacks

Open weave polypropylene bags are available with insecticide incorporated into the material. Insects attempting to enter the bags will be killed on contact with this treatment. After filling, the n... Read more

AgroZ bag and AgroZ bag plus

AgroZ bags and AgroZ bags plus are double layer bags consist of a gas-proof inner bag placed inside a much tougher open weave polypropylene (PP) bag for protection against physical damage. Aft... Read more

Plastic drums or silos

Plastic drums and silos come in a variety of sizes and shapes. They are often of the same design used for water tanks. They are gas-tight (hermetic) so that when filled with grain and tightly close... Read more

Polypropylene sacks

Open weave polypropylene (PP) sacks are constructed from woven strands of polypropylene. After filling, the necks of the bags are sewn shut by hand or with a stitching machine. Most ... Read more

GrainPro Grainsafe II and III

Grainsafes/cocoons are made of tough gas-proof plastic sheeting and are closed using a gas-tight zip. Once filled and closed they are hermetic so that when filled with grain a modified atmosphere i... Read more

Zimbabwe granary

An improved granary constructed from brick, concrete slabs, wire mesh and thatch is used in Zimbabwe. Internally the store has 6 separate compartments with a total capacity of 3 tonnes. Pest contro... Read more

Tanzanian kihenge

An improved woven basket granary (kihenge) is used in Tanzania. It is constructed of bamboo or other sticks and then sealed by pastering with a mixture of mud, cow dung, and ash. There may be an ou... Read more

Gorongosa mud silo

An improved mud silo used in Mozambique, with a top port for loading and bottom port for discharge. It should be in kept in the house or under a screen to shelter it from the elements and contact w... Read more

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