Use of diatomaceous earths for the protection of grain

Insects and mite attack of stored grain can be prevented by the admixture of diatomaceous earth. In this video NRI's Dr Tanya Stathers explains about the advantages of these non-toxic, alternative insecticides. There are deposits of diatomaceous earths in developing countries, including many of the countries of Sub-Saharan Africa. These deposits offer opportunities for locally sourced grain protectants.

Use of plant materials for the protection of grain

Many different plant materials are used in farm stores to protect household stocks of grain. In this video NRI's Prof Phil Stevenson explains about his work to encourage wider and more effective use of these locally available materials that can kill or repel insect pests. There are improvements that can be made in actually how farmers use the plant materials. An important point is that care must be taken to conserve the plants from which the materials are derived. This can be done by encouraging smallholders to propagate and cultivate the plants. This not only gives them a ready supply of grain protectants but also provides commercial opportunities on the local market.

Combatting rodents as postharvest pests

Rodents are significant postharvest pests consuming the mature crop in the field, during postharvest  handling and in storage. In this video NRI's Prof Steve Belmain explains about his work with rodents in developing countries, the extent of the grain losses they cause and the dangers of the diseases they can spread.


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