Information on the causes of postharvest losses can be found fairly easily in the scientific literature but suggestions for methods and approaches to loss assessment and data on the actual losses are scarce. Using the menu of the left, you have access to a variety of useful information under the following headings -

  • Analysing losses- offers a new app that can help in understanding the best options for loss reduction
  • Quantifying losses - looks into loss measurement and explains about the new Global Protocol for Food Losses and Waste Measurement
  • Projects - reviews details of recent projects impelment by NRI
  • Scientific publications - provides access to some of NRI's published materials, old and new
  • Text books and reports - draws attention to NRI's own books on postharvest technology (published by Wiley-Blackwell) and offers key reports as free downloads 
  • Training opportunties - indicating training prorgammes at NRI that would be of interest to those wishing to become involved in loss reduction
  • Links - connects to other websites of direct relevance to loss reduction