Prof Ben Bennett

Ben Bennett     This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A specialist in trade and market economics for tropical commodities in developing countries, especially aspects of agricultural value chains.  Recent value chain research has included: cassava, sesame, pigeon pea, bambara groundnuts, novel essential oils, phytomedicines, food oils and meat products.

Ulrich Kleih

Ulrich Kleih

A specialist in market economics, especially value chains and sub-sector analyses.

Hanneke Lam

Hanneke Lam

An economist specialised in the inclusion of smallholder farmers in local, regional and international markets.

Dr Gideon Onumah

Gideon Onumah

A market economist specialising in the promotion of modern agricultural marketing and finance institutions, such as the warehouse receipt system and functional agricultural commodity exchanges, that are key to the creation of formal markets that incentivise postharvest loss reduction.

Dr Diego Naziri

Diego Naziri

A specialist market economist concerned with improving the value-chains and market competitiveness of agricultural produce.

Lora Forsythe

L Forsythe2 sm1

A gender and livelihoods specialist applying these skills in a variety of development contexts, including value chain development, food security and nutrition, and pre- and postharvest losses.