Team leader Dr Bruno Tran

Bruno Tran      

A specialist in the postharvest management of grain and a biostatistician, with experience of pest and quality control on-farm, in warehouses and during transport. Leader of the APHLIS team email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Dr Tanya Stathers

Tanya Stathers

A specialist in the postharvest management  of a range of food and cash crops, with a strong interest in agricultural adaptation to climatic and other changes, rural-urban interdependencies of food and agricultural systems, poverty impacts of market standards, and creative adult education approaches.

Mr Jan Priebe

JanPriebe web

A specialist in information and communication technologies (ICTs) to support postharvest projects with digital information services related to smallholder agriculture.

Prof Steve Belmain

Steve Belmain

A specialist in the ecology of rodents as pests in agriculture and as disease vectors as well as the chemical ecology and behaviour of insects, and optimising the indigenous use of pesticidal plants for postharvest protection.

Prof Phil Stevenson

Phil Stevenson

A specialist in the biological and ecological role of plant chemicals for applications to different agricultural development problems.

Dr Sarah Arnold

Sarah Arnold

A specialist in insect pest behaviour and chemical ecology.