NRI is a major force in the fight against global food loss and waste, especially in the developing world, and has world leading expertise in the development of methodologies to quantity losses in terms of volume, economic value and nutritional value. Explore this website to find the following information and interactive training resources -

Losses info graphic Loss data in an infographic showing the extent of postharvest losses for a range of crops in Sub-Saharan Africa (see Figures and Statistics)
Icon 3 Approaches to loss reduction taking account of the constraints faced by smallholders (see Reducing losses)
Icon 1 Postharvest issues discussed in videos by the NRI teams (see Scenarios)
Icon 2 Information on loss measurement and standarisation including the new Global Protocol for Food Losses and Waste Measurement (see Quantifying losses)
26 Choosing a store type Information on small grain stores from a specially prepared database that helps with the selection of appropriate stores for smallholder farmers  (see Choosing the right a grain store)
Icon 4 Interactive training 'apps' that help with understanding decision making. Two app are available, Granary selector that helps select an appropriate smallholder grain store (see Granary selector) and Loss reducer that demonstrates factors underling successful loss reduction projects for smallholder (see Analysing losses).
Icon 5 NRI's publications on losses, both old and new (see Scientific publications)
Icon 6 Project collaborators from among the NRI postharvest teams (see Teams & Contacts)

 Loss reduction can make a difference, 'The Missing Food' video below highlights the case of cereal grains in Sub-Saharan Africa as one example of what loss reduction can achieve.